Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom

I haven't written in a while on my Blog because school has taken over my life and during my free time I sometimes don't know what to post. Life after cancer is a roller coaster that still haunts me every day somehow. Some days are good, but most days however I am reminded with the loss of friends, life and left with the emotions from that. I have been thinking a lot about the many friends I’ve watched die from cancer and I know they are finally at peace which helps the thought process. I knew I wanted a tattoo not only to represent them, but cancer awareness as well. With tattoos, I would usually want one in a place not so visible but for this tattoo I wanted the world to see it. I can say with full confidence that in 10, 20, and even 50 years from now I will not regret this visible tattoo on my wrist. Cancer left a permanent scar, so this tattoo being permanent is nothing compared to that. I want nothing more in this world than cancer awareness and if I could tattoo it on my forehead, you bet I would. I even considered getting Fuck Cancer tatted on me because with what I have been through that is exactly how I feel. If it was socially acceptable, it would have been a no brainer. But instead I got the awareness ribbon and one of my favorite quotes that I need daily to remind me that every obstacle is an opportunity: “Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom”. This tattoo means the world to me.

Also in exactly 15 hours I will be in Las Vegas for Stupid Cancers OMG 2014 Young Adult Cancer Conference with 500 other survivors plus their caregivers. I cannot wait & I will try to blog day to day! With school finals coming up a vacation is very NEEDED!

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