Monday, December 24, 2012

My last Christmas on Chemo!

Quick Update: 

    I know I haven’t written much on here lately, sometimes It’s overwhelming to write and explain all my thoughts. On Friday it marked two years since I’ve been diagnosed. That day I can’t get out of my mind because that day two years ago I remember it clearly up until hearing the most devastating words “you have cancer”. It makes me think a lot about all the pain I experienced but mostly all the great things that came out from this. One being now I have a full head of hair that I love. It’s more than just hair to me, it’s a symbol of what I’ve overcome, every inch of it was earned. I can’t wait to someday have it grow long enough to donate for another young girl battling cancer.

    Also on Friday I went into clinic for Acupuncture. It helps with most of my side effects on my maintenance chemotherapy. Nausea, headaches, anxiety and my sleep problems are slowly getting better from this. And no the needles don’t hurt at all I suggest it for anyone who is battling cancer or anyone with migraines. After my appointment I went up to 6thNorth the floor I was inpatient during most of my treatment. One of my nurses Linda remembered that today was the date I got diagnosed two years ago. I didn’t expect her to even remember that date but now thinking about it I don’t doubt that any of the nurses forget. They truly love their jobs and have spent so much time with each family that they became apart of ours. I love visiting 6th north and the doctors and nurses love it that much more seeing their patients conquer cancer and back to a normal life.

    And today being Christmas Eve I can’t believe how blessed I am. Christmas two years ago was not how I ever want to spend a Christmas like ever again. Instead of opening presents I received my first chemo ever on Christmas morning.  I didn’t understand or appreciate how the only important thing is spending the holiday with all of my family healthy. It’s so amazing I can’t even explain.

    I’d like to lastly mention the New Year, 2013, is going to bring big changes to my life. Starting January 11 I will be starting my 2nd to last chemo cycle, EVER! I can’t believe I’m so close to the finish line. Each cycle is 84 days just knowing I’m two cycles away from beating this motivates to just push through as much as I can. So far Fourth of July is my last day of chemo, best believe I’m counting down the days!

I truly wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy HEALTHY New Year<3