Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tackling Chemo

Sunday January 13th my friend Jen and I went to the Patriot’s playoff game against the Houston Texans! We met through clinic and past jimmy fund trips. She invited me to go with her and even though I just had a procedure and was starting a new chemo cycle, I said yes. I know how awful I feel during my two-week cycles but nothing was stopping me from first row in the end zone of a playoff game! In the past I’ve gone to many bruins and red sox games on chemo so I knew to pack my puke bucket and a ton of meds to get me through! Regardless of how bad chemo side effects are I try not to miss opportunities like this and I’m so glad I didn’t miss this game! When we arrived to Gillette stadium we were lucky the weather was nice, for January at least. When we got to our seats we couldn’t believe our view, every player was right there it was incredible! We took plenty of pictures that I’ll share throughout this post. Jen and I didn’t feel too sick during the game, which was a miracle.

              During the last quarter of the game a man came down to our seats then started talking to us. The Jimmy fund gave Jen the tickets so he asked which one was Jen and he introduced himself. We then find out it was former Patriots player Joe Andruzzi! Jen immediately also introduced me and told him how I’m also a cancer patient at Dana Farber with her. I think he wouldn’t have guessed because how much my hair has grown during my maintenance chemotherapy! He thought it was cool how we met through clinic and became friends because of our cancer diagnosis. In 2007, Joe himself was diagnosed and treated at Dana Farber and now has a foundation helping other cancer patients. He signed picture for us and even let us wear his super bowl ring, and those things are heavy! Since my phone died I asked if he would send me the pictures we took that day. Later on that night I texted him letting him know that not only was it awesome for us to meet a Patriot’s player but also, more importantly, another cancer survivor. Being a part of the Jimmy Fund provides me with opportunities to meet so many different well-known people but nothing compares to just meeting other cancer patients/survivors. The instant bond is unforgettable. Joe Andruzzi texted me back saying, “I’m glad I had time to get down and meet you both. Remember to take it 1 day at a time and stay positive. Keep smiling. Laughter is the best medicine. Stay Strong. God bless you both.”  He was extremely nice to us and made our day! He’s dedicated to his foundation that provides financial assistance for patients and their families, as well as funding pediatric brain cancer research. I hope everyone can look online and check it out! Donate if you can :)

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