Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

This past week has brought up so many memories. It has now been 1 year since I was diagnosed. Its emotional to think about the awful experience I encountered and at the same time how blessed I am that I survived. The beginning of 2011 was pure hell I never thought I’d make it past each day but they all seemed to somehow add up to weeks, months and now a year. Last Christmas instead of opening presents, I was preparing for chemo. Christmas day 2010 I received my first chemo ever. I couldn’t stop throwing up and felt so helpless attempting to get my chemo down. If someone told me I’d be here today surviving this I would of thought they were INSANE. My body couldn’t handle the chemo and I didn’t know how I was going to get around this. Also on Christmas the tests confirmed that I had M3 AML leukemia, which is so important to treatment. There are all sorts of leukemia and subtypes which tailor what treatment you receive and survival rate. My oncologist came in with our treatment plans, which seemed unachievable. They used so many terms I’ve never heard of explaining what the cancer has done to me and what I will be doing to fight this. There are three phases the Induction, Consolidation, and Maintenance phase. If I even made it to the last phase I would have to be in the hospital for at least 6 months. Reading this on the plan was unbelievable; I wanted to just give up right there. I’m so glad I didn’t. Although this was literally going to hell and back it’s been the most positive/crazy/amazing things I have ever experienced. Its changed my mind set towards everything and I know my family and friends feel this way as well. It makes you appreciate everything so much more. Opening up presents gave us a smile but they didn’t seem to matter as much. This Christmas the greatest present was just being with my entire family from both sides, healthy & happy. I truly feel blessed that it all has changed this past year in my favor. To have a second chance at life is an amazing gift that I will never take for granted! I hope everyone somewhere in his or her life experiences this feeling of realization, just not in the way I had to.

^ My cousins and I this past Christmas Eve! Thankful.

Ps. My next post might be incredibly long. I want to explain the three phases of treatment in depth and also what leukemia is! AWARENESS will bring a cure.

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